Pleasant Preparations

One day before the start of one of the nicest 600 mile races around and having nailed the boat prep the Concise team took a well earned day off to relax at the beach. A hearty breakfast omelette cooked by team chef, manager and owner Tony Lawson set us up as we headed off to Darkwood beach to get on with the serious business of ultimate Frisbee and playing in the sea. The first cultural stop en route gave the Caribbean virgins on the team a first taste of raw sugar cane and jelly nuts from a machete wielding roadside refreshment shack. Sugar cane got a thumbs up all round although some noses were turned up at the coconut water and the white slimy goo substance scraped out of the inside of the shells met with universal disapproval as well as some quite lewd comparisons.

Pre race relaxation on Pidgin beach

On the beach the lads proved why they should stick to sailing and avoid all ball sports as keepy uppy turned into ‘boot it and chase’ and ultimate Frisbee got a bit physical. Pretty soon sunburn started to catch up with the pastier member s of the crew and Ned, skipper and chauffer, returned from snack shopping to take us to a legendary beach side restaurant Cecilia’s for a long lunch. Here we were well looked after by Cecilia herself who turns out to be a stunning Swedish former model and a top restaurateur.

After this taxing day we have made one last trip to the boat to finalise kit and snacks before a pre race briefing with navigator Brett over dinner. Up for discussion is how we are going to manage the watch system with the six of us and a detailed look at the forecast before an early night. We have opted not to race IRC where out beamy hull gets penalised heavily and instead go purely Class 40 against the five other 40s in the race. This means we can use all our sails and stack our gear for more stability in the breeze; sailing the boat all out the way it was designed. Needless to say all the guys are totally fired up for the starting gun tomorrow at 11:00.

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