Giant banana

With a forecast 40+ Tramontane for the Gulf of Lion tomorrow night the decision was made yesterday to shorten our planned 250 mile race down to 120 miles in the form of two 60 mile laps (windward/lewards or ‘le banane’ in French). What was looking like a total blast across to Spain followed to a horrific beat back is now more of a day long drift around.

Still, the course will be quite tactical with the wind shutting down and swinging right round before building from the North West. Obstacles to avoid en route include two quite large mussel farms and a whole load of angry French fishermen coming in an out of Sete.

The briefing is over now so it’s time to hit the water. Being close to the shore the whole way I will try to keep the tweets flowing.


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One Response to Giant banana

  1. Koen van Mierlo says:

    Good luck with the selection Nick. It’s a lot of fun following the twitter and website updates.


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