UK Figaro Nationals

Nationals day 2 After a disappointing 4th in the offshore race that started the this years UK Figaro Nationals myself and Sam Goodchild were keen to get some low scores on the board in today’s inshore racing. Everything went to plan as after a good mornings practice with Sam posing for the Dailysail’s James Boyd before the start we hit the line running to post a bullet in race one. In the next race the rest of the fleet were a bit sharper and we battled hard for a third place behind the two visiting French teams. As the thermal wind started to affect things the race course became a bit of a minefield for the last two races with some big gains and losses to be made on the beats. We worked hard but a 720 for a close cross with Nigel King in race three and a pour first beat in race four left us finishing up with a 5th and a 3rd.

The forecast for tomorrow’s long race is for strong westerly winds that may make the planned costal course around Weymouth bay unfeasible. If me and Sam get our way then the race will be changed to a point to point race for Weymouth to Cowes where our boats will be based for the next few weeks. Here’s to hoping the race committee agree with us in which case the race is on to see whether it’s faster to sail or drive to Cowes.


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