AG2R Build up

We’ve had slightly more eventful week than we’d hoped for with a routine engine service revealing a broken piston calling for a total change of engine! After a lot of hard work from some surly looking french mechanics we managed to get the boat to the race village in Concarneau (almost) on time and before a couple of other boats. Now we have just over six days to go until the start  and we are feeling quite close to being ready. The week ahead sees us doing safety checks for the race, loading our gear onto the boat and spending a lot of time looking at weather forecasts. Aside from this there is plenty to do in the race village, tasting Caribbean food, rowing time trials and getting posters signed by some of our competitors on their sponso’rs stands.

Today though we have the prologue race where are joint aims are to win and not damage the boat in 25 knots of breeze. It would be a real shame to ruin our chilled build up by crashing into a spectator boat today…

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2 Responses to AG2R Build up

  1. Tom says:

    good luck mate!

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