Just less than three days until the start and we are very nearly ready to go. Our goal is to have the boat 100% ready by tomorrow lunch time and after a couple of tiny details for the safety checks, such as a replacement for the survival saucisson and haribo, we should be there. Sam is currently having fun with the metfax system and the satellite phone, ironing out the tiny bugs that slow down our reception of weather forecasts but as I left the boat a few minutes ago green lights and clear beeping noises gave the impression we’re getting sorted. Other jobs include packing all our spares, tools and food into the right bags so we can get to the things we need in a hurry and also stack the heaviest things in the right places. I’m a little worried that we put almost all of our moveable water in one big bag which now weights 45kgs, that should be fun to drag across the boat when we tack!
This evening as well as our first session with our coach, Markus Hutchinson, we have a safety briefing on the correct use of our two personal locator beacons we have to carry on us at all times. Something that is definitely worth knowing with Sam’s trackĀ record of staying on the boat!

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One Response to T-2.5

  1. gnjoutside says:

    No stack tacking on a Sadler, but we won’t be in the bar first… Unless the tide’s out and you can’t make it into the dock.

    Good luck with the rest of the prep!


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