Last night in a bed

Having talked about getting the boat totally 100% ready a couple of days ago we are finally at the stage where the only thing left to do is turn up tomorrow morning with the clothes we are wearing. I would like to say that this is down to me and Sam grafting away tirelessly all week but that wouldn’t be very accurate. Luckily for us we have an incredibly industrious, pocket sized Frenchman by the name of Simon who combines a strong work ethic with the most easy going personality you could imagine. Not only does he do every job we ask to a higher standard than either of us could ever manage but he also finds a load more things that we hadn’t noticed and ticks them off his list without batting an eyelid. It’s quite a luxury and very reassuring to have a ‘preparateur’ of this caliber .


So with the boat all sorted it’s down to looking at weather maps and talking to people with cameras and microphones on the dock. The media interest in La AG2R la Mondial as the race is known is quite staggering. We have been bouncing around between camera crews all afternoon, to the extent that we missed our chance to have an extended lunch of steak and chips as planned. That aside it’s great how much interest the French public seem to show in our little race.

Weather wise things are looking a bit feisty with strong westerlies giving us a breezy start tomorrow morning and the potential for a good sound pasting as we go past Cape Finisterre in a gale on Monday morning. Our priorities tomorrow will be keeping the boat in good shape and looking after ourselves as the first three days could be brutal and there is a lot of race left after that. Right now it’s time for my siesta before the official do tonight, where we pretend we can speak French in front of a few thousand French people…


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