Beard growth, chores and endless squinting

Days of the week have definitely become irrelevant now for me and Sam onboard Artemis, the only two facts that count are the distance to the boat ahead and hours to the trade winds. Whilst the first figure has been a bit disappointing recently, the second is always coming down. Although maybe not trade winds properly, our latest forecast has the wind coming aft of the beam by tomorrow afternoon some time. The thought of sailing a flat dry boat and not spending all night squinting through the slit between my smock and hood trying to make out faint red numbers against the blackness is quiet appealing. Hopefully a change in angle will bring some more passing lanes too.

Other news from onboard, I think I’m winning the beard growth contest, it’s early days yet and with no independent verification it hard to be sure. I definitely have an edge length wise, so I think sam must be looking for better coverage. Still no fallings out or arguments yet. With there being only two of us its pretty clear who didn’t do the washing up, or ate the last chocolate etc etc so I think we’re both pulling our weight. I do feel a little bad that due to our pre agreed division of labour Sam has done the most headsail changes. A particularly unpleasant job since we’re protecting a tiny patch of chafe on one halyard by doing bare headed changes.

All for now,

Back to getting soggy on deck



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