Artemis Offshore Academy, expect a bill

Looking at the routing software this morning, we not only have a good 12 days left of this race, but according to the computer, we’ll need our big kite up 100% of the time. This has spurred us on to get cracking with the repair of the back up. Not only so we have a spare, but also so we can get it out of the bow and stop it hanging over us eating up any potential down time and crucial sleep time. Hopefully sometime before sunset today we’ll find a light patch to pull her up and check out our handy work. I’m quite confident given the time and effort we’ve put in, we would be within our rights to bill the Artemis Offshore Academy for a professional sail repair. But then there is always the distinct possibility it will explode as soon as it fills, a prospect that doesn’t bear thinking about…
Temperatures on board are still pretty comfortable during the day and warm clothing is becoming optional at night, which is very pleasant. Less enjoyable last night were the constant dark clouds that seemed to follow us around the ocean cutting our breeze down from a satisfying 18-20 knots, to a much trickier, slower 12-15. To make things worse our worries that other boats might be sailing in good breeze all night were confirmed by a couple of less than glowing position reports. Still we have been using this frustration to channel into making the boat go any tiny amount faster we can. For every slight change in wind direction or speed or sea state there are tens of minute adjustments we can make to our setup. I’m sure given the closeness of this race, a lot of final placements will come down to how well we can keep this up for the next 12 days.

Freeze dried tartiflet for lunch today before siesta time. With just the right amount of water, extra garlic salt and olive oil- this is an absolute winner.



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