Nine days to the Solitaire

Nine days to the start of the Solitaire and things are starting to get serious. I was one of six boats pulled out at random for a full weight and measurement check which meant coming into the harbour and Paimpol and being lifted out, weighed and templates run over the hull to check nothing had been doctored under the water. A few measurements were close but after a tense hour and a half the sand paper and filler stayed in their box! No need for corrector weights either as the load cell revealed she was near 40kg (about 1%)over weight. Whilst this isn’t ideal I haven’t been worried about boat speed this year, there’s nothing I can do at this stage and for now I’m just going to assume all the extra weight is concentrated in the bulb where it is of most use.

Today we carry on training with the group from La Grande Motte with top coach and general Figaro legend Nico Berenger who is making a point of doing most of the briefings in French to help us learn. Whilst this means we miss some details it’s certainly important for our long term Figaro ambitions. Tomorrow is the prologue race and with a wet and windy forecast I think most people will be thinking firstly about looking after their sails for the next three weeks.

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