The competition

Three days till the start and yesterday evening’s rookie briefing with the six of us sat around one table helped focus the mind on on the competition for the prestigious bizuth rankings in this years race. I haven’t got the stats to hand but most of the big names that have gone on to do well in this race and elsewhere have been top rookie in their first year on the solitaire .

So how do I feel about the rest of the competition in this category? Well the website has these odds on the winner:

I don’t know the top three on this list very well and have only raced them two or three times. I guess Corentin has been put as favorite due to his winning the prestigious Bretagne – Credit Mutual Espoir scholarship although from early season form and reports for some of the Port La Foret guys Julien Villion could be a better bet for the prize. Both these guys will be hard to beat as will Thomas Normand who comes from a strong background in the mini class (although mini results don’t always translate into the the Figaro). Next up, Henry Bomby, a bit of an outside bet for the win but he’s come on a lot since his first race in the season and I’m sure he’ll be giving it his all. Fifthly the races first Norwegian entry would probably, by her own admission, not be gunning for first although it’s good to have her around.

It’s clearly not ethical to bet on myself but I would be tempted given those odds to have a bit of a flutter…

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