Resting and Cowes week

Since finishing the solitaire just over a month ago now I feel like I have barely stopped. After some time resting and seeing friends and family etc I got back into racing, standing at the back on a J109 at the J-cup. An enjoyable experience to be able to hoist and lower sails etc just by shouting at other people rather than doing it all alone. After this came the most important part of my season in some ways, taking out Artemis corporate guests in the Figaros before and during Cowes week. With four new guests on each of the five boats for nine days this represents quite an operation behind the scenes at OC but the results are impressive.

Whilst it can be stressful sailing a boat I normally sail single handed with six on board through the carnage that is Cowes week it’s also great to be able to share the sport with a range people who often have no experience of being on the water. Sometimes it would be better if they hadn’t been on the lash in Cowes the night before but for the large majority who manged to aim their projectile vomit away from my face it wasn’t a big problem!

After settling a tie for the Artemis Hunters Challenge (in house Cowes week series) with Sam Goodchild by rock paper, scissors (in my favor.) I headed to Exmouth for a week of fun at the RS200 nationals with my girlfriend in our much neglected ‘Rosie’. Exe sailing club is a proper sailing club, run by volunteers, with a cheap bar, people who help with trolleys and an impeccable array of tea and cakes after racing. It was refreshing to do some real sailing, where you capsize or lose 25 places if you make a mistake  and there’s no sponsorship, branding or media commitments after racing. Since then I have done a couple of days training on the GAC  Pindar extreme 40 and am working hard to try and secure sponsorship for next years Figaro campaign.

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