Tomorrow I head off across the Atlantic for the second time this year, starting from Gran Canaria to St Lucia on board the J122 ‘Jolly Jellyfish’. This time I’ll be part of a crew of seven on a boat with a lot more home comforts than a Figaro and whilst we will be racing hard we are well stocked with fishing gear, books and even some real food. Traditionally this route is a very comfortable downwind jaunt with the trade winds although the forecast for tomorrow’s start has us beating into moderately strong winds and rain for the first day before things settle down.

The ARC or ‘Atlantic rally for cruisers’ is for a large majority of the 240 boats involved a way of crossing the Atlantic in the relative security of a large flotilla and a lot of boats are crewed by family and friends or paying guests. We are entered in the racing division against 30 other boats and we’ll be pushing hard for a good result although the mainly downwind course doesn’t really suit our a-symmetric spinnaker configuration. You can track our progress at the event website here

If the mood amongst the crew during our preparations in Gran Canaria the past few days is anything to go by we should be in for a good trip with plenty of banter and some intense debates on some deep topics. I am currently marshalling my arguments against Dave the skipper’s passionately held Marxist views with the aid of wikipedia. On a final note please check out one of the crew, Carl Eales, just giving site here as he’s using the trip to raise awareness for a cancer charity that’s close to his heart.

Blogging might be hard with our limited Internet connection on board although I should’ve able to manage to odd tweet here and there.

Fingers crossed we make it to the St Lucia before my flight home on the 13th of December.

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