I’ve got a boat!

Good news recently as my search for a Figaro to race for 2013 is over. Having looked around the UK and France for a good boat to charter at a good price last week I got a lucky break. Thanks to a change of heart by recent Artemis Offshore Academy squad member Mark Andrews who has decided to focus on racing his Finn rather than sailing around by himself in the rain I have got the use of Artemis 23 for the first few races of the season and hopefully (sponsor dependent) for the Solitaire du Figaro. This is a big weight off my mind knowing that not only have I got a boat but also one that I know is reliable and well prepared having been sailed by Sam Goodchild for the last two years. I’m quite familiar with this boat having spent 23 days on it sailing across the Atlantic last year with Sam.



So, thanks to the Artemis Offshore Academy I’m driving to La Grande Motte tomorrow in my new, borrowed van (more on this in a couple of days), to go and dismantle the boat ready to be shipped to Les Sable d’Olonne for the first race of the season. Stripping everything down for trucking might feel a bit like hard work but its a good chance to give all the rigging and on board systems a good once over before the serious racing starts. After this I’m carrying on south to Barcelona where i’ll get a ferry to Palma where I’m racing a 470 in the Princess Sofia regatta. This Olympic level competition with around 80 boats entered could be a bit tough after only two and a half months in the boat but I can’t wait to get stuck in and see how we get on against the very best in the world. From here it’s straight back to France for the Solo Arrimer with starts on the 10th of April and 100% Figaro focus until the Solitaire finishes at the end of June.

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