Autumn Coaching

With the Figaro racing season over for the year my focus over the past couple of months has been on training and improvement. Not so much my own but the new intake of Artemis Offshore Academy recruits. Now into into it’s fourth season of Autumn training the academy is really starting to mature and its nice to see the four guys on the full time program so committed to putting in the hard work needed to learn single handed sailing. Thinking back to the when I started with the academy in 2010 I can remember how little we knew about Figaro racing so it’s nice to see how the lessons we have all learned are being applied in putting together their training program. From what I’ve seen on the water there has been a lot less carnage and destruction during the tricky early stages of single handed sailing.


Whilst coaching might not be quite as productive towards my goal of getting a good result in the Solitaire next year as actually going sailing it is still a useful process. Sitting in a tiny rib, getting washed over by the vicious Solent chop, watching other people sail, analysing their performance and then giving feedback really focusses the mind. Having to explain something to a group of people means you have to be very clear on it yourself.

Coaching 3

Over the next few months my primary focus will be working to secure funding to go back to the Figaro circuit next year. There’s plenty of work to be done but memories of long nights blasting through the dark on the edge of control are all the motivation I could need.

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