Plymouth Hoe

Driving into Plymouth under the A38, past that distinctive looking supermarket (Sainsbury’s?) yesterday morning I was strongly reminded of making the same journey to the Optimist nationals in 1995. Whilst this time it was only a day trip, not a memorable two week family camping holiday in the rain, the feeling of excitement and anticipation were pretty similar. With only 64 days (or about 93700 minutes) until the start of this year’s Solitaire I took the opportunity to go and join in with the Artemis guys as they met with Plymouth big wigs and did some training inside the sound. Great preparation for the start of leg two, which should be a bit stadium sailing like as we jockey around in front of the Hoe on our way out the Fastnet rock. As a ten year old from Birmingham I remember how much of an adventure it felt to be sailing on the open sea in my oppy for the first time and I still get a bit of that same feeling back setting off into a dark stormy night alone on a Figaro as a grownup.

For me this little dip back into training, alongside some solo sessions in the one Artemis boat in Cowes, was absolute gold dust as the boat I am looking to charter in June won’t be available until eight days before we get locked away in Deauville for the start. Most of the competition will have been training hard in their boats all winter so there’s no denying I’m starting on the back foot. One of the things I like about solo sailing though is how much of a part preparation plays. Without the distraction of a boat to manage and look after I am free to work on other stuff like doing my navigation homework in advance, making sure I’ve got the right food and kit as well as being as fit as humanly possible.

Maybe ‘as fit as humanly possible’ is a bit of an exaggeration but I have been doing quite a bit to get myself into shape for a tough summer. I think that what drives me to want to race around rocky coast lines by myself for days on end is probably the same thing that makes the idea of running quite a long way in one go sound wise. Having injured myself running a road marathon a few years ago I’ve dabbled in running a bit further and slower and on more interesting paths. Ultra running turns out to be quite addictive; for every daft challenge you hear about there is always someone who has done something much longer and harder and lived to tell the tale (like this guy). The upshot of this is that I’ve entered a 100 mile race in October which I’m aiming to run in one go in less than 24 hours. Training started a while ago and this weekend I’m toeing the line of a 50 mile race with 400 other runners.

The benefits in fitness and endurance etc for offshore racing will be positive I’m sure but at the moment I’m just excited for the challenge of running further than I’ve ever run before in one go. Provided I’m getting some phone signal on the south downs way tomorrow I’ll try and twitter tales of blisters fatigue, and sh*tting in the bushes from the trail.

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