Solitaire 2014

Tomorrow afternoon I will set off on the first of four five hundred mile legs that make up this year’s Solitaire du Figaro. The start port of Deauville has been kind to us but right now I can’t wait to get to sea and get stuck into the racing. It’s going to be a long hard sail to Plymouth with some patches of light, tricky wind and at least three channel crossings to contend with and recovering quickly for the next leg will be vital. By the end of the month I will have sailed just over two thousand miles single handed.
Since getting hold of the boat (Redshift) just six weeks ago things have been seriously busy. Starting with sailing her back from Belgium, refitting her in Cowes and then sailing to France in a bit of a storm before attempting one race as a warm up. Having only done two days of training might not have been the ideal preparation for a race like this but I’m confident that this almost new boat is now in great shape.
On the personal side I am hugely excited just to be on the start line at all this year. There’s a certain amount of confidence that comes with having done the race twice before but I’m well aware that most of the other thirty seven competitors have a lot more experience than that. I was pleased with a 6th place finish in the prologue last weekend but I’m really going into this race with no expectations other than a desire to push myself right to the limit. Offshore sailing can be a fickle beast at the best of times and so long as at the end of the race I know I’ve sailed my best then I’ll be happy. Whatever happens I’m sure the next month will be a real adventure and I can’t wait to get stuck in tomorrow.
You can follow the race tracker soon on the event website here and there will hopefully be some updates on my facebook and twitter and wordpress pages.
Thanks for the support, more updates from Plymouth.
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