No it’s not a left wing political movement and it’s not funny to misread it as red, redfish, redsh*t or anything else. Redshift is about serious physics. In case you’re a young child or weren’t listening in A level physics here is the technical bit (mostly stolen from wikipedia):

Redshift happens when light or other EM radiation from an object is increased in wavelength, or shifted to the red end of the spectrum. A bit like when a fire engine goes past and the siren noise is distorted by its speed, stars in the night sky all look a tiny bit too red to the likes of Brian Cox. Through some clever science to do with knowing the chemical make up of the universe and stuff the upshot of this is proof that the stars are moving away from us at an extreme speed – redshifting.

Redshifting is not only about moving away from things at extreme speed though. Goals for the second Redshift next year include, Nick finishing in the top 10 in the solitaire du Figaro, putting in a strong two handed performance in the Fastnet and defending our class win at Cowes week, all whilst having a very nice time indeed.

Redshift cowes

Redshifters having a ruddy nice time during Cowes week 2014


Approximately 28 Redshifters past and present will be congregating in a room in a pub for a strategy meeting in November.



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